Link Blog, February 2021

I’m wrestling with the concepts of open and accessible documents, and it’s comforting to know that the New York Times has to figure out the same stuff: A More Accessible Web Some of the web technologies that The New York Times has leveraged to enhance the user experience of our website and apps for all.

I’ll be writing a review of Apple Fitness+ for my blog after I’ve gathered three months of data, but I mostly agree with the Verge’s take: Apple Fitness Plus review: two months in, still on easy mode

I really loved Santeri Liukkonen’s article, Age of distractions or how to calmly enjoy what you are doing in 2021. I still struggle with the myth of multitasking, and get distracted far too easily. This quote, If we can’t manage to control our whims, we won’t be able to work effectively towards our long-term goals. I guess it’s just that simple.” hits hard.

Tristin Hopper wrote a scathing indictment of the Canadian government in the National Post: From vaccines to pipelines to clean water on reserves, why Canada can’t seem to get anything done. From clean water to housing to soft power abroad, it seems we’re just fumbling lately.

I love figure skating/ice dancing. Rebecca Jennings wrote a tremendous piece over at Vox about why the sport is in decline: Figure skating lessons are declining. Can the 2022 Olympics save the sport?. I have one hot take it’s this: nobody watching actually considers figure skating to be a sport. It should lean into itself as a performing art.

I’ve been shopping for a desktop computer as a birthday gift for myself. This article is what pushed me to finally give up on having a laptop as a main machine: Laptops vs. desktops: 5 reasons why I still prefer a desktop.

I normally just link to articles, but this reddit post got me: Feels like I’m living basically the same day over and over again

The iconic watches that inspired Apple Watch faces. Neat.

For valentine’s, I bought my wife a paid of Bose’s Sleepbuds. Cody DeBos wrote one of the reviews that make it seem like the right decision: Bose’s Sleepbuds II are vastly improved and perfect for sleep

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February 27, 2021