Logbook, December 16-22, 2019

My Stuff




  • Long Day’s Journey Into Night, 2018 - ★★½. Lonely, heartbroken, aimless, beautiful, but very long and in no way interested in explaining itself. I dig this sort of thing but nobody else I know seems to, and I think they’re getting annoyed I keep clicking on stuff like this on Kanopy.
  • WarGames, 1983 - ★★. I think I might not like the 80s.

TV Shows

Caught up on Letterkenny. I want to make a few videos about that one. Began watching Oresuki. Not sure about that one.

Video Games

Finished Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I’ll definitely have a blog post later on that one. Going to take January and maybe February off of video games. I really overdid it with Game Finishing Season.


Good Tweets

  • I’m basically never more a Karen than when I just grab a bag of grapes and then later I’m like, oh, seeds.
  • The update is a few months old now but I love the subtle UI updates to Kobo. Bold headers and bigger buttons are ⭐️ https://t.co/3IP2D8S1Mb
  • I’m all over the place with music, but I always tend to come back to The Soft Bulletin. It’s like, my home album. It re-centers me, and reminds me what I love about music. https://t.co/9QT3VX2dkl
  • I want Fire Emblem Three Houses’ UI as an app. Tell me how much energy I have, what quests need to get done, my friend score with everyone I know and how best to level that shit up.
  • The good Twitter https://t.co/xTspbLXrWe
  • Choose, choose the form of the Destructor #unionstation #toronto https://t.co/0qZ4bBAPcH
  • There’s only the Star Wars I like that you don’t, and the Star Wars you like that I don’t.
  • One of these years Fran’s Not Here will get on @nowtoronto’s best podcast list 😩


December 23, 2019