Logbook, December 30, 2019–January 5, 2020

My Stuff



  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, 2019 - ★. All the Star Wars movies are bad now.
  • Dracula, 2020 - ★★★. Letterboxd needs to add some tv-based features so I can rate episode one-two 4 stars and episode three 2 stars. Some really great lines in the script, and overall a decent time on over-tread ground. But come for Van Helsing and stay for Van Helsing. She slaps.

TV Shows

Oresuki S1, My Hero Academia S2, Fleabag S2, and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2019. Always a good time. Also, finally finished Hanna on Amazon Prime. Not bad!


Good Tweets

  • All right y’all I give up. I’ve got three things to plug into a tv and only two hdmi ports. Make this work for me.
  • I’d be disappointed by Terry Gilliam being an old racist idiot now, but we just had like, a decade of reckonings and realizations and stuff and I’m just, over it? Like, maybe I should just be happy he went so long not being one?
    • Sort of like treating a breakup of a long relationship as a success rather than a failure. We made it eight years, holy shit! I was a fan of Terry Gilliam for 30 years! And then he ended it by being shit. Not a bad run!
  • I started it in December, but my theme is friends. I want to strengthen my friendships and feel more connected to the people I care about.


January 6, 2020