December 16, 2019

Logbook, December 9-15, 2019

My Stuff




  • The Irishman, 2019 - ★★★★½. I’ll be curious to see if Netflix’s affinity for AB testing things will seduce them into turning it into an 8-episode miniseries. That’s what I thought we might do, you know? Watch 30-40 minutes of it, do something else, sleep, whatever. We’d get back to it. 240 minutes later I’m writing this wondering at what point, exactly, I could have cut it. This one made me think about my grandpa a lot. Good long stories. He’s in Florida right now. Escaping the Canadian cold. Probably causing trouble.
  • Gambit, 1966 - ★★★. I loved the setup but hated the ending. Still, an effortless application of charm keeps it glued together.
  • The Biggest Bundle of Them All, 1968 - ★. It’s a bad movie, but 2am TCM picks can’t all be winners.

TV Shows

Almost caught up on Letterkenny. I might write up some thoughts on the show since it seems not many people are actually doing that? Speaking of having to write about a show, I finished Watchmen along with everyone else Sunday night. Holy hell, TV, stop being so good.

Video Games

I went a week without buying a video game on sale. Clap for that! I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Three Houses. I’m past the time skip, and I think I’m maybe the baddies? There’s a skull guy in the party.


Good Tweets

  • #affinitydesigner
  • I’ll take a Clue remake every two years and a Spider-Man every twenty instead of the other way around please
  • It’s like my prof’s always told me: if you never ask for 12 million dollars for AI tools for journalism, you’ll never get 12 million dollars for AI tools for journalism
  • I’m so mad about the thing only I understand and love.
  • My new standard of cool: I have no idea how you feel about Star Wars.
  • I’m getting big windows phone 7 series phones” energy from the new Xbox name. #XboxSeriesX
  • I liked Marriage Story a lot more when it was just a silly western in space with laser swords and not this whole thing.
  • You guys ever have a cutting board just go uhhhhhhh missing?
  • There’s probably not a better hangover show than Nailed It
  • #Watchmen


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