Logbook, February 10-16, 2020

My Stuff



  • House of Games, 1987 - ★. It’s nice to know Criterion has an it stinks!” section.

  • Something Wild, 1986 - ★★★½. Hi I’m Charlie. Never really had any concrete convictions one way or another.”

  • Knives Out, 2019 - ★★★. Pretty good, but I wish they’d leaned even more into cozycore murder mystery style.

  • The Big Knife, 1955 - ★½.
  • Two Weeks in Another Town, 1962 - ★★★½. Oh I could spend some time here.

TV Shows

Finished Carole and Tuesday (decent, but it never really hit another gear). The combo of Picard, The Outsider, and Avenue 5 continues to make for a really good winter season.

Video Games

I bought Resident Evil HD Remaster on Steam for like $5. Good to just have a copy of that.

I made a new Mario Maker Level: DCB-X7F-4JF.


Good Tweets

  • Watching the ISU Four Continents replay, and @PiperGilles and @PaulDPoirier are incredible. https://t.co/eoQjDMyIb4
  • Finally began playing this on DS, in 2020. The backlog is real. https://t.co/61sRn20mhp
  • Want me to listen to your podcast? Make the cover art blue apparently. https://t.co/X3Txs7OBCm
  • Based on @imyke talking about iCloud apps working better on mobile, I made an Edge app. It works really well on Windows. Now if only my Reminders lists actually sync’d to iCloud…
  • Getting big You Chose Poorly vibes from the new ⁦@_RelayFM⁩ show. https://t.co/bmHyXjgwP3
  • What a mild snow does to the TTC https://t.co/GflCTnn6rh


February 16, 2020