Logbook, February 24-March 1, 2020



TV Shows

The Outsider, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12, and My Hero Academia. Finally finished Patriot. What a special show that is.


Good Tweets

  • We left our parents on the Facebook island to rot, didn’t we?
  • Dope. https://t.co/2WJyTfGgCe
  • Taken by @christsujiuchi ❤️ https://t.co/AHZDfirsyP https://t.co/LW71QnffRq
  • #askatp Say your iPhone is your primary/only computer. Which additional device would give you the most value in your life?
  • I’m honestly curious about this. Say you’ve got enough money to buy 1 of those devices. Subquestion, would a better iPad be more valuable than a better Apple Watch?
  • Y’all too young to remember WMIX huh https://t.co/db8qlDKaAp
  • That Fran’s Not Here feeling, folks. https://t.co/19aiQtmtUs
  • Is anyone else on the current public beta (17E5241d) for #iOS and own an official hdmi display adapter? Mine won’t connect (but does charge) all of a sudden.
  • I have a cold so obviously I’m being isolated and feared. https://t.co/YR492Kjisk
  • Trying to revert to iOS 13.3 because of a bug in the 13.4 beta, but this is fun. https://t.co/lZ8eQHgowK
  • I’m having the fun #itunes https://t.co/1TbBSIOjsf
  • #indesign folks. You ever just pink-text” it for a whole project because the client never gave you the fonts?


March 2, 2020