Logbook, January 20-26, 2020


TV Shows

Avenue 5, The Outsider, and finally watched a few episode of Season 2 of Patriot. Also, finally, Picard.


Good Tweets

  • Anyone else watch Patriot like, one episode every two months because the show is a rare treasure and you don’t want it to end?
  • Just wanna day I really appreciate how easy it’s been to ignore Picard spoilers. Good job everyone 👍 keep it up
  • This should be our defense against tech companies doing it without consent and it should hold up in court. https://t.co/TZkTWr2jPQ
  • Excited to be watching the Rumble out with friends tonight. I cannot state how much better our dumb soap opera is with other people. Share your dumb thing.
  • Here’s a stat question for @StarOfSavage. What are the times it takes for the announcer to explain the Rumble rules? Longest? Shortest? Most elaborate?
  • I hate it when I’m right. https://t.co/jde6ID0MlK
  • So the women’s rumble has been better than the men’s rumble three years running. Can we just cancel the men’s one?
  • Wrestling is magical. #EdgeReturns https://t.co/WRT8KVfJZm
  • Just listened to the @verge’s interview with Neil Young. I dunno, maybe I’m just an elder millennial, but High Quality Spotify sounds about the same to me as a FLAC file. It’s like, maybe a little different. I feel like his argument is from before 256kbps + became a thing.


January 27, 2020