Logbook, January 27-February 9, 2020

My Stuff



  • The Breaking Point, 1950 - ★★★★. This is a great movie as is, but I want a full feature about Patricia Neal’s character. Whatever she’s up to, you know?
  • In the Mood for Love, 2000 - ★★½. Billy Porter wore it better.
  • A Kind of Loving, 1962 - ★★. This is an abstinence seminar.
  • Scarlet Street, 1945 - ★★★★. Edward G in a rare sympathetic babyface role (and kind of a doinky one at that). It could have easily been five or six different types of movie had certain decisions gone the other way. But that’s how it is with good noir.
  • Charade, 1963 - ★★★★★. You know, I’ve been meaning to watch Charade.

TV Shows

Picard, Avenue 5, and the end of the Good Place. It ended about as well as a show can.

Video Games

I worked on a secret little game project this week I’ll talk about later.

Good Tweets

  • Don’t show me these things. I live in Toronto. https://t.co/30Frgmmc4r
  • John @siracusa gets a Mac Pro
    • everyone is happy for him
    • long-running story resolved
    • world seems just Some 22-year-old on YouTube gets a Mac Pro
    • we must destroy capitalism
    • eat the rich
    • even Jony Ive is like, what
  • Give me a weekly Batman show where he just talks to a therapist about everything that happened in the previous issue of the comic.
  • Cold clear sunset #toronto https://t.co/KWiD26Rw4K https://t.co/O9YZrXRoSt
  • Hmm. https://t.co/hk1t3CvdyC


February 9, 2020