Logbook, January 6–12, 2020




  • Wicked City, 1987 - ★★.
  • The Lighthouse, 2019 - ★★★½. Tom Waits sitting just off screen going good, good.”

TV Shows

Progress made on Oresuki S1, Seinfeld S5, Year of the Rabbit S1, My Hero Academia S3.

Video Games

Made some Mario Maker levels. I’ll blog about that.

Good Tweets

  • Super simple here. Bulldoze it. Make the city itself car-free while you’re at it. Kill congestion and pollution in one shot. People will hate it but it’ll save the city. https://t.co/AxEsg3HBup
  • iTunes messing with Match playlist data a few years ago is what led me to ditch my digital collection. Finally got rid of it all last year. https://t.co/mcwKtc1l54
  • So if you do laundry and have warm sheets on a rainy Saturday you can just get back into bed right
  • Never stop being this weird, Nintendo. https://t.co/1dp5UhlPB3


January 13, 2020