Logbook, July 16, 2019

I was up at 6:12. I worked out for 7:08 minutes. I collected some moons in Mario Odyssey. I read Love Island Is Trash. But the World Is Burning Down, So I’m Hooked.. I recommend you read I Bought Smart’ Lights to Help Me Wake Up to Work Out, And I Can’t Wait to Get Rid of Them. I tweeted: Step 1: Run a link blog for years. Step 2. Run a”dead link checker“. Step 3: cry.” I wrote about Keeping a Logbook. I added dates and pictures to my completed games Airtable view. I wrote for two hours with my Tuesday writing group. I updated my Italy Trip airtable with location information and eliminated a few ideas. I watched the fifth episode of Good Omens. I did some yoga. Was in bed by 10:30.


July 16, 2019