Logbook, July 18, 2019

I woke up at 5:40. I slept in instead of working out.

How Hacking Works. I read Game Therapy: Animal Crossing & Anxiety. I watched Will Ospreay tear it up Kota Ibushi during Night 5 of the G1.

I did a bunz trade on the way to work. Took the subway. Was going to bike but it was going to feel like 45 today.

I finished Pleasure Activist and thought it was okay, but clearly a collection of blog posts instead of, say, a book. The ideas are wonderful but scattershot. As a guy who published a couple of blog-post-books, I will say being on the reading end of it just never feels right.

I took the TTC.

I went to Therapy.

I watched a few episodes of Barry.

I went to bed at 9:49.


July 18, 2019