Logbook, July 29, 2019

I woke up at 5:42 am. I slept really well. Finally. It’s been weeks.

I read This Week in Sex: Pegging, the Orgasm Gap & Awkward Sex.

XKCD of the week: When I’m Back at a Keyboard.

Just in case you’re down today, remember that we live in a time when we can just watch the Steiners vs Muta/Sting whenever we want. https://t.co/T2w2ktiEev

I read The Pirates Strike Back.

I recommend you read How We Helped Our Reporters Learn to Love Spreadsheets.

I took the TTC.

I recommend this podcast

I love this. https://t.co/RDKEyRMNeO

Beat the ice palace in Link to the Past. Watched some Seinfeld.

I went to bed around 11:34 pm.


July 29, 2019