Logbook, November 24-Dec 1, 2019

Mulder it’s Me By Grace TaylorMulder it’s Me By Grace Taylor

My Stuff




  • Midnight Cowboy, 1969 - ★★★½. You guys are pretty bad at everything huh.

TV Shows

Watchmen, Would I Lie To You S10, Letterkenny S5, The Mandalorian, Mr Robot, Bob’s Burgers S10

Video Games

I’m playing Fire Emblem: Three Heroes. But I took advantage of an eShop sale and picked up Ape Out, the Sega Genesis collection, and Transistor.


Good Tweets

  • Sometimes I just want my doc to prescribe two levels of Monument Valley and three chapters of Vanity Fair.
  • A twoonie to the person who can take their iPhone out of a case without accidentally taking a screenshot.
  • iPhone 11 silicone case review: it fits my XR fine. It’s smaller and lighter than my moment case. The white looks good and will look good forever. I really worry about the naked bottom lip.
  • Of course guys love this movie. It has the word actually” in the title. https://t.co/2aZeVgQD72
  • That’s the Nintendo I know and love. #blackfriday #dealsdealsdeals https://t.co/fCqQgyTYtq
  • Apple TV says I can watch Season 4 of the Good Place since I have Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime says I need to subscribe to Stack. So I can watch The Good Place on Apple TV through Amazon through Stack TV. Except it’s also not allowed. This is the Bad Place. https://t.co/k0EhEGyEIW
  • #CAVALCADEOFLIGHTS #panorama #toronto #ghosts #skating https://t.co/qNqDQ3KvuU https://t.co/QKRBe7M2pb


December 1, 2019