May 7, 2019

Lumia 800

This was the first Windows Phone that was worth a damn. It’s certainly the only Windows Phone 7 Series that’s worth a damn.

3.7″ screen. 16gb of storage. Glorious, glorious AMOLED. It still looks better than any LCD on any iPhone.

This model was my wife’s. Mine was cyan, and broke on the day I proposed. I smashed the screen, but the ring was in my pocket. I didn’t care.

It amazes me how much of Windows Phone 7, and the Zune HD interface that preceeded it, is still present in Windows 10.

The FM radio app was unchanged from the Zune HD. The Music app was upgraded to allow direct downloads from the store, if you had a Zune Pass (today known as Apple Music, or Spotify, or whatever).

It was this beautiful small thing. Slightly larger than an original iPhone, but felt so much smaller in the hand. More like a pebble than the Palm Pre. Elegent.

I know it was a smartphone,” but the Lumia 800 felt more like a Zune HD 2. Limited, sure, but stunning.


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