May 5, 2020

Magic Puzzles

Magic Puzzles Kickstarter:

Most puzzles start with stock art of some trees or cats or something. We wanted each of our puzzles to make a fantastic, tiny world. And we wanted the art to tell a story as you solve it. So we worked closely with independent artists like Sarah Becan, Boya Sun, and Felicia Chiao to create beautiful one-of-a-kind puzzle images loaded with tiny details, story quirks, and easter eggs.

I think I’m going to buy my first puzzle.


We worked with one of our favorite designers, Susan Kare (, to come up with the logo for the Magic Puzzle Company. We can’t say enough good things about working with Susan… it was an incredible opportunity for us. For a graphic designer this was like getting to play guitar with Jimi Hendrix.

No fucking doubt.

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