November 26, 2018

Making a Spotify Playlist by Year

Okay. I know. It’s easier to do this with Apple Music, because iTunes just has all the same stuff it used to and you can just make a smart playlist with Year” and pick a year and you’re done. I get it.

Spotify does have some smart playlist functionality, though. It’s just not built-in. Using a site like Organize Your Music lets you do a ton with your Spotify collection. It scans your collection, gives you a long list of variables (style, tempo, year, etc), and lets you make a playlist out of a visual grid setup. Most importantly, you can organize your entire library by year, select it, and make a playlist. Organize Your Music is just a fun site to play around in, and something that people missing Smart Playlists in iTunes should try to get to know.

Spotify Music

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