Mario Maker 2 - First Three Created Levels

I made ten levels in the first Mario Maker, and I’ll likely make more than that in the second. The community in this game is much bigger, and it’s a lot more fun to make the levels.

Multiplayer is where I think people will have the most fun. I made my second level with that in mind, and it’ll definitely inform my designs going forward.

In playtesting these levels with people, I quickly realized that most folks aren’t all that good at Mario. I know that probably seems obvious, but it’s a good idea to make levels easier than you think. Even if you’re not that skilled a player, you know the layout of the level you’re making, but the player doesn’t. I think Mario Maker 2 has enough insanely difficult levels as it is, and it’s grown a reputation for being a sadistic playground. More nice levels!

My first level, Water Shells, is probably too hard. You can play it at B9Y-P0D-QYG, but it’s not that great. Mostly, I used it to familiarize myself with the Switch’s control scheme. It does, however, follow my Mario level design aesthetic, which is one enemy, one obstacle, and one power-up.

My second level, Snow Pokey Fire Hops, is definitely more fun. You can play it here: 8LD-V0W-MWF, and you can watch it below:

I learned something in playtesting the second level, though, which is that lots of people seem to not automatically run with Mario. This is definitely a habit I’ve picked up over the years. My thumb is rarely not on the run button while playing. But other players are much more cautious. So I thought I’d make a level where running wasn’t actually necessary or even encouraged. That made me make Spin Jump Piranha Plants, which you can find at GT4-71D-BB6. You can watch the level below:

Of course, if you don’t run, you might also not know about the spin jump in Super Mario World. But that’s okay. By the end of this level you’ll get pretty good at it. I hope you like these. More coming soon!

January 14, 2020