May 1, 2020

Mario Maker 2 - I’m building a world

Mario Maker 2 recently added a World” mode, which opens up two exciting things for creators. You can now design a map for your levels, which is visually fun. More importantly, you can now design levels with progression in mind. Before this, all Mario Maker levels had to exist of a piece. Makers would inevitably put 1-1 and 3-2, etc., in their naming scheme, but it didn’t really mean anything. Up until last week, the most fun you could have with Mario Maker was essentially hitting the shuffle button on your preferred difficulty level. But I’ve had more fun playing worlds this week than any other mode, and I bet that’s true for most.

A good world design is like a good mixtape. You want a sense of progression, a balanced difficulty curve, moments of delight, and meaningful rewards. The top of my list, though: a sense that my time has been well spent here. This is hard. I’ve played a good number of worlds this week and only one really impressed me. The whole thing is inspiring though, and so I’m going to make one myself. I hope you like it.

It’ll take me a bit before I publish the world, but you can play the first level right now. It’s called 1-1 Forest Flood. It’s a classic easy level with very little platforming and only a few enemies. If you make it to the end with the racoon tail, you can score a great deal of 1ups:

Here’s the course ID: WCR-K8G-BSF. Enjoy!

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