Mario Maker 2 - Two More levels

Learn to jump in SMB3 - FNS-SXH-V6G

Just like with the first Mario Maker, I don’t mean to make levels hard. I also don’t mean to make all my novel characters suffer. These things just happen, and then people wonder why I’m a bastard. So these two levels are both built to be a little easier. Learn to jump in SMB3 is a tutorial level about the different lengths of jump you can do in SMB3. I thought I made it fairly easy but turns out that is not the case.

Red Turtle Icicle Slopes - DC8-X7F-4JF

This one is definitely a little easier. You can die, but you likely won’t. Mostly, you’ll learn that you can stand and slide on the top of icicles, which is something I didn’t know you could do until I began making this level. I may make another one that uses that ideas as its primary mechanic. That level will likely be impossible. I’m sorry.

February 17, 2020