Microblog Thoughts, Apri 26-May 24 2020

  • Currently well on my way to having my loyalties doubted by Lex Luger. #quarantinehair
  • Brb hate-watching a nice lady farming and cooking on YouTube
  • Mario Maker 2’s world mode” is amazing and I can’t wait to make one.
  • Let’s rename shower” to self care rain.”
  • What are your favourite Toronto websites and blogs?
  • Another weird right-handed thing I do even though I’m left handed: I always wear a watch on my left wrist. It never felt comfortable on the right.
  • First day with the Keychron K2 with red switches: I don’t like it. Different and weird, different and weird!
  • I’m sure it’ll be fine it’s my first new keyboard in like 12 years.
  • I’m like, 3 weeks behind on podcasts. Quarantine: where you have time to make podcasts, but not listen to them.
  • I watched Roger Rabbit tonight on Discord with a bunch of friends. That’s the good stuff.
  • So @RickRudeSells is inspiring for lots of reasons. It makes me think, what’s a wrestling move that makes you pop every time? For me, it’s stalled suplexes. Gets me every time.
  • How is there a Creative Cloud update I literally installed it today
  • Finding a tiktok you wanna show someone but you didn’t heart it is essentially impossible
  • Zoom needs a laugh track.
  • Advice I wish I could teach everyone: make an account on the site before you add stuff to the cart. Your blood pressure will thank you.
  • Ah hell, I’m in the I saw someone do it in a video so I’m going to try it” part of Animal Crossing and you’re all liars
  • By way of Do By Friday @hotdogsladies, I can say mr Purrkins is a great cat name. We’ve had Anthony Purrkins a few years and he’s a very civilized holy terror.

May 24, 2020