September 25, 2020

Microblog Thoughts, August 27-September 25 2020

  • I love that Twitter’s algorithm places Charles Manson in entertainment and Satan in politics.
  • Someone remake Lovecraft Country episode 2 as a six episode mini series please and thanks
  • Please, I’m begging you all. Stop posting screenshots of text nobody can read. Just, like, publish a blog post. It’s very easy.
  • So there’s just no cure for snoring huh
  • So for the Oscars this year, uncut gems right?
  • Microsoft could move its two big Duo features - App Pairs and opening a new app while keeping your last app active on the left screen - over to Windows 10 proper and everything would be pretty good.
  • I can’t wait to see what phones and laptops look like in two years after engineers have spent all that time at home.
  • Oh no I like Notion
  • What makes Peloton leaps and bounds above any other video workout thing is, they don’t stop. There’s a new video almost every hour. You never ever feel like you’re stuck watching a repeat. not that Apple won’t try. But that’s the challenge. it’s like the difference between Netflix and Disney+. Netflix is just relentless.
  • Just give me the ability to sync an Apple Watch to an iPad. Isn’t that like, maybe the perfect combination of devices?
  • What’s the right number of Apple Watch pals? I’ve got two. I feel I could handle two more before all the exercise notification send me into a loathing spiral
  • I’ve owned two 3DS models: the original in purple, and the XL. The XL is so good I might just keep it charged forever, and I’ve still got a dozen or so games downloaded I want to finish.
  • The emoji search bar is the sleeper best feature of iOS14 🤩🥂🎉

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