Microblog Thoughts, June 24-July 26 2020

  • Fran’s Not Here has 213 subscribers. I hope they’re all cats.

  • That feeling when you read and listened to people who were abusing others for years. Yes, of course, you stop listening. You block. You take them out of the rotation. You course correct. You fill those spots with a broader range of voices. You try to listen a little better.

  • I’m not seeing as many backpack reviews

  • I’ll buy the SwitchU in three years and be like yeah finally time alone

  • It’s pretty Canadian to say Look, on Canada Day, think about people maybe you hurt without realizing, and also help out, and don’t think highly of yourself or your country, because you and it stink but hey, we’re all gonna try harder.” And then only kinda mean it.

  • So, I tried @NotionHQ . Seems dope. I think I’d use Notion if eight years of my life wasn’t in OneNote. I’m too ingrained.

  • Having said that, OneNote, if you could launch in the same place I left you just once ever, that’d be nice.

  • Reading the @Monocle24 paper supplement and catching up on #njpw. I’m a weirdo.

  • There’s a car alarm going on outside, and my fire alarm is doing tests throughout the day.

  • Alexa when will it be cold again

  • I joined @Pinboard in December 2010 and it was the best decision. Happy 11th, you wonderful simple backbone-of-my-internet buddy.

  • I think I’m done with this hell site, he says, making new lists and refollowing the same 600 strangers.

  • I’m out of my depth with stove shopping. What do people look for? Who are the trusted reviewers in this area? What stove does @siracusa have?

  • I listen to podcasts why isn’t there a @Casper stove that comes in a small box that puffs out when I open it

  • Give me a Twitter app where I get to see like 8 tweets then charge for more.

  • Friendly reminder you can just watch Nakamura vs Tanahashi just anytime you want.

  • Moved back to Tweetbot from the official app. It’s such a breath of fresh adult air.

  • Spent the morning updating LinkedIn and Behance for freelance work. How does spending two hours on those platforms drain four days worth of energy?

July 26, 2020