Microblog Thoughts, March 24-April 26, 2020

  • I’m still happy I bought the NES Classic Switch controllers. They often come in handy, and they’re great for older games. That massive D-Pad is so nice.
  • Watching The Lighthouse is probably not advised anymore.
  • Anyone else notice their commute media becoming a way bigger pile? I have like 50 podcasts in the que now.
  • I bought Wheel of Fortune for the Switch because it has a 3 player mode. We played one game and all three of us were like oh, right, wheel of fortune is a bad game.”
  • Man we don’t deserve @BasiaBulat
  • Okay, I gotta stop comparing my sketches to people who’ve been doing this as a craft for like, their whole life. Who else started sketching last month?
  • I’m still doing sketch a day stuff, but I’m not posting them all because it’s bad guys. I hit that spot where I care about the quality of the result but haven’t grown the quality muscles to get there yet. I post them when I’m not 100% embarrassed.
  • Now however is a great time for Picard and his motivating speeches about how it’s probably a bad idea to kill each other with robot space tentacles.
  • Catching up with AEW. Chris Jericho pulling out a Harvey Birdman reference Shake hand, kiss baby, shake hand, kiss baby, shake baby, kiss hand” watered my singular, weird crops.
  • One of the weird shame things about being left handed is doing things right” because that’s how they taught you. For me: I mouse with my right hand. I’m slowly learning to mouse left though, and it’s like, finally?
  • Another advantage of having a pro @letterboxd account: a friend asks you for movie recs. You ask what subscriptions they have. You filter your history by those services and cross-reference it with your ratings. Boom.
  • Couples who are playing Animal Crossing together: how’s that working out?
  • Oh no I’m bad at drawing dog eyes
  • I think 37 is a good age to get into Discord.

April 26, 2020