Microblog Thoughts, March 9-24 2020

  • #TTC Based on my regular commutes (2 fares a day), I have to not use the TTC 10 days a month in order to make single-fare worth it vs a monthly pass. In 9 days, I’ve avoided the TTC for 5 of them. Doing pretty good so far.
  • Privacy issues aside because Facebook, Threads is good actually
  • Maybe #AEWDynamite should just be Being the Elite for a few weeks. Loosely-produced intimate segments of wrestlers with their families and friends just being people. That’s be nice, actually.
  • Good timing: Animal Crossing. Bad timing: Westworld
  • In the last week, I’ve downloaded Teams, Slack, Zoom, and WebEx. So far as I can tell these are all just one product. Can we kill three of them?
  • As a gamer, I can state officially that there’s absolutely no excuse to ever go near an EB Games.
  • Exactly like and because of WrestleMania, Frans Not Here will be an online affair this time. Join us for an instagram live show Saturday night at 9pm. You have to. It’s my birthday!
  • I literally just got a spam email from EB Games saying We hope to see you in-store soon!”
  • I don’t suppose there’s any way to turn off lock screen notifications for shortcuts? Asking for a bored shut-in
  • Here’s an @IFTTT I could use. When I add a movie to my watchlist in [criterion/amazon/netflix, etc], add the same movie to my @letterboxd watchlist. An absolute superpower would be to be able to do the opposite.

March 24, 2020