Microblog Thoughts, May 24-June 24 2020

  • Final fantasy 13 is the best starter” ff: extra long tutorial section, focus on the battle system. Extremely streamlined and linear (a plus for beginners!), gorgeous, cheap and on every non-Nintendo system, and all final fantasies will be more fun afterward. Obvious minus is the story is inscrutable but so are most of them? Sort of the same logic as giving Skyward Sword out as a first Zelda.
  • Double or Nothing was lots of fun. A show where most of the good guys win sounds like the kind of nice thing wrestling companies can do right now.
  • Sometimes it takes a few days off work to actually get you to reinstall Scrivener and begin hacking away at the novel again.
  • Here’s a reminder, idiot. You like writing.
  • Was typing Solid Snake and it autocorrected to Solid Snack and how’s that not a drag queen who’s won All Stars already?
  • For those of you who have to work from home and maybe in a bedroom with no air conditioning and only have one fan, may I suggest: two fans.
  • It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” https://t.co/FdW8E2GW1Q
  • Uncut Gems should win the next three Oscars
  • ten minutes into a writing session: lets check facebook to see if that one friend I haven’t talked to in ten years is still friends with that other guy. Also then tweeting about it oh no
  • I do my best facebooking while on the book clock
  • New video game consoles, in this economy?
  • My partner has hit over 100 hours of Animal Crossing, and I’m so proud and happy. Every time Nintendo releases one of these, they make new gamers.
  • Wrestling fans talk about @AEWrestling AEW being an easy show to watch, but have you tried an entire show of wholesome @njpwglobal tag matches?
  • Singles matches are always like, high stakes and stressful. Tag matches are cozy. Tag team wrestling will heal us.
  • Alternating turning on and off the air conditioner every twenty minutes because we are a furnace and ice couple
  • Kids in the park last night shooting fireworks at one another from two metres apart. It takes time but people are figuring out the rules.
  • Twitter still makes me more anxious and sad and mad than connected and good.

June 25, 2020