Microblog Thoughts, September 25-October 25 2020

  • Just typing /feed after a newsletter url and subscribing via rss feels like the laziest possible form of dorkery but I do it…all the time?
  • Why is there no Boom Blox 3 for the Switch?
  • Especially if you use Pocket and or the public library, Kobo’s rule.
  • Can we keep this G1 production style where it’s 5 singles matches then everybody gets to go home and sleep that’d be swell actually. #njpw
  • is it just me or did @criterionchannl drop more movies this month than all summer? It’s just a bevy, Jerry. a bevy!
  • Are there podcasts about people just spending time watching old movies? That would be nice.
  • Well, works over. Time to watch some Neanderthal gymnastics.
  • Notion does this one really cool thing I wished OneNote would do. Tries to do it in OneNote, and it works just like in Notion, probably has forever, even though I’ve used this app for ten years.
  • I am at please don’t delete my data, please don’t delete my data, oh my God please don’t delete my data“ stave off being in love with @NotionHQ
  • Maybe the new iPhone will fix everything
  • She Plays Bass is on every single Spotify playlist
  • About three years to the day, my Kobo Aura HD kicked the bucket last night. I loved that thing. What’s the ebook reader market look like now?
  • I’ve been killing ebook readers since before it was cool. The first one that died was a Sony from 2008. Sony’s early ereaders were rad: made with aluminum and lots of buttons and features. Who knows how people would use this thing, they thought.
  • My favourite ereader design wasn’t the original (pictured) but look at this thing. See those two page flip buttons on the side? That’s the innovation” of the newest kobos and kindles. https://t.co/b4labX9TV9
  • This one was my favourite. The Sony Reader 300 was small and extremely comfortable. No reader has felt as premium or friendly since, actually. https://t.co/qggYzlXf35
  • I’ve been a Kobo user since Sony exited the market. They’ve really come into their own the last few years, and the Aura HD really fought for attention. Pocket and Overdrive support is 🤗
  • I’ll miss the little guy. My first thought was, I need to replace it. It wasn’t I wonder if I can get by with just my phone”. Anyone who’s had a decent reader already knows the answer to that.
  • It died while reading the new Nick Hornby. I had five hours to go. https://t.co/Ub3qj1xsu5
  • Do you like Ted Lasso or are you just a white guy in your 40s
  • I can’t help but notice the disparity in skin colour between the models and the senior leadership at Apple. #AppleEvent
  • I’m at the stage of the #G1CILMAX30 where I’m three days behind so I might as well just wait until the Colosseum Home Video 60 minute highlight reel.
  • I wonder how many tech bros are performing the act of buying the new iPhone so they can keep that sweet tech bro cred –evergreen tweet from 2007
  • Widgets have me rethinking how I use my phone, and how I can use it to make my life and time online a little easier. I’m sort of cooking up an organization system based on pages that would indicate health. Like, device health, my health, friends health, world health.
  • Maybe I don’t like wrestling, maybe I just like vaudeville https://t.co/zIBeBJJ3PY

October 26, 2020