More Things, April 15, 2013

This week, I’ve been inspired by Jessica Stanley’s Read Look Think to restart my own link blog. Enjoy the new More Things.

“So, dear reader, I implore you: If this post at all rings true, sounds a little too familiar, do yourself a favor — take a vacation. Get away from your work for a bit. Reset. And when you come back, pick some number under 35 and try working that many hours per week, and no more.” | How much time do I spend with my daughter? How much time is spent with my wife, just the two of us or as we spend time with my daughter? There are moments where you need to be unplugged. When we are unplugged from the internet the screen time we have through TV and cinema is longer and undisturbed.” |

Contranyms | I now realize graduate school was a terrible idea because the full-time, tenure-track literature professorship is extinct. After four years of trying, I’ve finally gotten it through my thick head that I will not get a job—and if you go to graduate school, neither will you.” | Diary of a Pakistani Soap Opera Star.” |

Turns out brain games are hokum. I just bought the new Brain Age, too. | I read, but most men don’t. Bryan Goldberg’s next project is focused on women, and he explains why.

“My point with this is not to make fun of bad design. My point is that bad design is a symptom of a young and underserved market.” | With the bikelash’ reduced to incoherent rants, pro-car common sense is losing traction. | So to attempt to change the pattern, let me expose the wound.

Thanks to @maskedtweeter, I’ve got more to read about André the Giant.


April 15, 2013