More Things, April 23, 2013

I’m not surprised at all to hear that Hannibal Lecter has become the most interesting superhero on television | I’m Canadian, so I never really understood the difference between American ‘network’ and ‘cable’ TV, but the network’ side looks to be in trouble | The new Louis CK special should be mandatory for all, including people who need a little more feminist comedy 

“And now, as he turns 75, the particulars of Superman’s future are hazy.” | Going less than 15 miles an hour diminishes Cruise’s power. At this point, it no longer makes sense for him to keep making science fiction movies, anyway. He still looks naturally 30. He is science fiction.” | An obviousness made of just two words. Beautiful solutions. Any other word decorates what has been stated before with implicit information, therefore: unnecessary.” | You will never please everyone. You will never win that battle.”

Mad Men on pregnancy and raising a child, female trailblazers, the allure of the morally bankrupt, chastising double standards, and self-sabotage.


April 23, 2013