More Things December 10, 2014

  • What happens when a 21st-century kid plays through video game history in chronological order?

  • Every creative person of color I talk to, whether it’s friends of mine or Lupita Nyong’o, their career wasn’t something they aspired to, let alone felt entitled to. It wasn’t until they saw something that gave them permission to do it that they did it. I always think, what if that moment hadn’t happened? What if Lupita Nyong’o had never seen The Color Purple? We are foreclosing so much available talent. One of the many tragedies of oppression is this vast untapped potential, not just on an individual level, but as a culture.

  • Another vow should read: However much the other seems to understand me, there will always be large tracts of my psyche that will remain incomprehensible to them, anyone else and even me.’

  • Whether it was mixing up and remembering out of order a series of shots, or conflating scenes from different movies that happened to star the same actor, or simply forgetting portions of a film, it was difficult to recall a film correctly, accurately.Which isn’t the same thing as not recalling a film truthfully.

  • Back in 2004, Men’s Health ran a poll to check the moral pulse of the average guy. This year we did it again. The responses, from nearly 1,500 men, were not encouraging.

  • YouTube, in contrast, can feel like some hermetically sealed, for-kids-by-kids world. It’s a place where an oddball 17-year-old with a video camera can gain an audience of millions, drop out of school, and regularly send malls full of teenagers into a frenzy, all while remaining completely anonymous to anyone over 30… . [W]hat happens when that culture grows up?


December 10, 2014