More Things: December 12, 2013

It’s Hardly Noticeable XVIII by Photographer John William Keedy

If a former athlete wants to remain in the public eye, there aren’t many options besides low-grade celebrity. | But on network television, where the prices charged for advertising depend on ratings, comparative popularity matters a lot. | A +2 Dwarven Waraxe | Grouped together, these ruminations, cheers, squibs, and essays will be a chronicle of reading and good books from every era. | Their creators describe them essentially as online performance art, never intended to be taken as fact. | Above all things, the past is unchanging and unapologetic, but the future (so terrifyingly depicted here) is mutable. | You didn’t do a bunch of push-ups to get taller, and you didn’t work real hard in the womb to be born in Wisconsin. | Something curious happened after I finished Device 6 the third time. The English major in me found his resolution. | You will never speak to Simone again, which will hurt for an unreasonable amount of time.


December 12, 2013