More Things Jan 3, 2014

I do not want to live without irony. I do not want any New Sincerity, I do not wish to emulate a plant, just NO. The world is far too dark and rage-making for me to dispense with irony entirely.

So now we no longer buy the thing we want, we buy the shape of the thing we prefer.

Unprofessional in the best possible sense: taking my humanity just as seriously as I take my profession.

The internet might end up returning journalism to a faster, more technologically sophisticated version of what it was before the advent of the commercial newspaper business.

In 2013, I was happy to see more video games exploring violence with focus and honesty.

If a book isn’t immersive and incredibly visual, is there much of a point in seeking out a paper copy?

I felt for all of the people in this house — alive or otherwise — and got genuinely wrapped up in each chapter of family drama. It expertly captures the compromises of family life and the impossible decisions everyone has to face at some point — between personal happiness and family stability.


January 3, 2014