July 2, 2019

More Things, July 2, 2019

It wouldn’t be a personal blog without a link list of stuff I liked around the web.

This one’s a little longer because I changed the way I save things to Pocket. I’ve been tinkering with Airtable, IFTTT and Pocket, and the results have led me to start enjoying the web a lot more. The side effect was that my script for More Things was saving everything I put into Pocket, so this entry took a long time to cull. I’m changing my Pocket script for next time to just save the faves, so future More Things entries will look a little different. Enjoy!


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Mario games I’m having fun making a database of video games. It’s helping me learn how Airtable works, and I think it’ll be a helpful app to know for years. As
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Cura, July 3, 2019 Note: The playlist embedded above will always be the most recent playlist and might not match the list below. Cura is my Spotify mixtape. You can