More things, May 14, 2011

Aggressive Reading #2:

The Tao of War Photography by Bruce Haley (travel journalism):

If a rebel commander asks whether you would like to be buried in his country or your own, he might very well be serious and not just testing your resolve.

Aggregation Killed the Journalism Star by Aliza Salario (journalism):

I’ve embraced the change, but I don’t always feel an evolving media model embraces journalists. Despite the fact we have scores of citizen journalists who can contribute to information gathering (which is all and all a good thing), we’ve conflated content farming with bona fide journalism—thoroughly reported, exhaustively researched, well written, fact-checked, copy edited, the whole nine.

23 Tools To Brainwash and Influence People Through Media by jcurcio (brainwashing)

Condition people to being bombarded with hundreds of thousands of signals a day. Teach them to attend to this stream of information and to call it Reality. Never let them ask what reality” is.

Follow Me, Follow You on Twitter by Ben Brooks (rant):

While writing this post I stopped and did the tedious task of pruning my list of people that I follow, I went from 276 to 199 (probably even less by the time you read this). If I unfollowed you, I am sorry, but it shouldn’t matter to you. This has nothing to do with whether I like you, or deem you worthy” — it has everything to do with what interests me. I like people that tweet certain things, you just may not fit that group.

All my girlfriends die from the plague: A boy’s lament from the Dark (teen) ages by Abbey Fenbert (humour):

Two days later, Agnes died. That’s right, God. Remember Agnes? You took her from the world, and from me, when she was a still a promising middle-aged woman of 15. How do you sleep at night?


May 14, 2011