More things, October 2, 2012

  • I appreciate the nostalgia of reading paper books in the same way that I appreciate the nostalgia of playing old video games or that others appreciate listening to vinyl records. I can enjoy quiet time with a great hardcover book and a cup of hot chocolate as well as anyone, but that doesn’t prevent me from appreciating digital books for completely different reasons that don’t have anything to do with my nostalgia.

  • Authenticity” might be a cloaked euphemism for Degrassi s low-grade aesthetic. The show had a grainy, ramshackle quality, with stilted dialogue and a cast of untrained teens who sported the same bad hair, braces, and gawkiness of average fourteen-year-olds.

  • Order gives the content emotional significance; in fact, we could say that by becoming the dominant feature to which our emotions react, order itself becomes the emotionally-relevant content. But what kind of content? Why does order stimulate contentment, and even delight?

  • Whoever emails/calls first wins. If it’s free, you need to pick up the item almost immediately. Good free items are spoken for within seconds. Depending on the city, there are hundreds of people sitting around trying to snag free items.


October 1, 2012