September 18, 2012

More Things, September 18, 2012

Verne Tossey


The art of designing by hand—a painful craft of precision and consistency—was no longer the only option. Designers were liberated; the screen and their imagination were the only constraints.

The problem with Apple’s competitors is most of them seem to have no interest in developing their own vision and that is unfortunate because we could have a much more diverse and creative spectrum of technology products on the market right now.

The neat thing about this kind of embarrassment is that, if you lean into it and act as silly as possible, you end up having a better time than if you were never embarrassed at all. I didn’t do that.

Not a very original idea, but one that seemed more or less reasonable before something happened that showed us how perversely powerful stories can be when told into the ears of desperate and evil men, and showed as well how sadly challenged stories are in providing comfort now.

I can’t see what fun such great, big men can find in hitting a little ball with a big stick and run away like mad, and kick at a sand bag.

I ended up spending the next four days in a Benzo trance; drinking, eating, talking and soaking up the real lives of the people I encountered. It’s always been this way.

The net is an unending NOW of moments and distractions and wonderments and puzzlements and rages. Asking someone riding its currents to undertake some kind of complex dance before she can hand you her money is a losing proposition.


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