November 20, 2018

Morning, Computer

So I was reading Warren Ellis’ blog this morning, and he had this post about status pages. I don’t know how interested I am in the idea, tbh, because nobody looks at your website but yourself 99% of the time (even famous people. How often are you going to, even if you love Drake?).

However, he linked to this Felix Krause’s status page, which is interesting in colophon explanations at least:

Trip data comes from Mood data comes from my mood bot How do I travel? I live out of a suitcase

I got the most out of the last link, where he explains how he lives. It’s a fascinating walkthrough of solutions to problems I never thought of when you’re travelling just about every day, such as how he gets his physical mail. Spoiler: he uses a service that opens your mail and scans it to you.

I started the day reading the blog of a writer who generally gives great advice about staying offline and doing good work, and breadcrumbed my way to my latest dystopian nopenopenope.


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