Morning Pages April 02, 2018

Fourth followed behind us, and said I’m going to find my big strong woman.”

She did what everyone did at least once during a dance: make an entire circle around the room looking for one person, then turn around and find they were right behind you. And then, there she was.

I missed you,” she said to Ram. Ram kissed her, picked her up and said my plan is going so well.”

Fourth asked about spiking the orange drink. No, I didn’t do that.”

She asked about distracting the chaperone’s. No,” Ram said.

Did you get the roof key from the janitor’s closet?”

Ram shook her head.

Then how is your plan going well?” Fourth asked.

You’re right in front of me, and you love me,” Ram said. Fourth melted.


Everything will work out,” Ram said. You can’t force these things.”

Ram dropped her jacked on one of the tables near the edge of the room and took Fourth’s hand. I hope it’s a slow one.”

April 2, 2018