Morning Pages April 26, 2018

I’m building a bridge for you. I want you over here. I will use all my knowledge and all my technology to bring you over. I will learn new models and workflows to get you here. I will subscribe to new podcasts to get you to cross that bridge. I will sign up for a flower delivery subscription service to make sure you feel loved and beautiful. I will buy you the trendy headphones. They’ll fit in your ear. They fit just fine in mine.

You’re over there because we don’t talk anymore. We spend our evenings doing our own things. Me with my growing github repository, you with your books and television and bars. You with your new friends who don’t know me. Me with my top of the line smartwatch that can tell you when I’m home. You with your new tattoo and nail art and Justin. Who is Justin anyway? Oh, a guy from work. Okay.

I will hack through this. I will put my head down and find you in a script. I will fiddle with this emulator until you love me again. I will ask you to let me subscribe to your google calendar again. I lost access at some point. I will ask, what’s for dinner, and then I will cook dinner.

You would have loved it, she tells me. You should have come. I wanted you there. I wish you’d been there. But I’d stayed home, building the machine that will fix us.

April 26, 2018