Morning Pages February 20, 2018

Anyways, I wrote this earlier today. I’m writing snippets of character moments for the novel out of context. It’ll either fit in the book proper or it won’t, but it all informs how these characters progress:

Fourth found herself a success. She slept less than the others. She read the books. She signed up for business classes and took the lessons to heart. She tracked her time, at first with a spreadsheet template but eventually with an online service she paid for. It spat out invoices she’d send to every client who didn’t pay automatically. She made her clients happy, pulling old school flattery moves like sending cards and flowers on special occasions. She took ram on vacation to Montreal every few weeks to let off steam and treated her like Ram always had wanted to treat Fourth. We treat each other,” Fourth would tell her. You take such good care of me.” It was increasingly untrue.

February 20, 2018