Morning Pages February 21, 2018

This goes in part 2 somewhere, when Hall is high.

You guys are like, the breakfast club of misfit toys,” she said.

That doesn’t even make sense. Those are two, like, incompatible references.” I said.

Look, I’m not here to debate the merits of a clever high school nickname, but that’s what everyone thinks of you guys.”

Well, both of those movies were super successful.”

And full of dorks.”

Yeah,” I said. Why didn’t you just call us full of dorks’?”

Because that doesn’t make sense. You’re the dorks. You can’t also be full of dorks. And also, I didn’t come up with the phrase.”

You totally did. You ruined my life.”

My name is the chilling sound of your doom.”

Mr Freeze?”

Best Batman movie,” she said.

You’re full of dorks,” I said.

February 21, 2018