Morning Pages, July 02, 2018

Walt sat and drank orange drink. It had gin in it, and maybe vodka? It wasn’t exactly great, but it was free booze. All he’d done is place a cup underneath the spout and hit pour. Someone had spiked it. There were four large orange plastic containers in a row near the gym teacher’s office windows. Had they all been spiked? Walt hoped so. It would make the night a little funnier.

Hall had been gone a while. Maybe half an hour? It was enough time for people to get back to dancing and move on. Walt noted the half life of a major drama event at seven minutes. For that period of time, people milled, gossiped, and walked around worried. More mini fights broke out amongst people who disagreed with what they’d just seen, or which side was right. Walt sat back and watched the fray, not really sure what was happening, until he saw Banks head to one door and Hall get pulled away by Ram’s goons to the other. He figured something happened, but it wasn’t until Jillian came over to talk with him that he learned what happened.

Jillian said, Those fucking drama queens.”

But seven minutes later, it was like nothing happened. The music didn’t even stop. Maybe that was it, Walt thought. If the music had stopped, and the lights turned on, maybe it would have meant something more. But the dance itself just kept going.

Did you know there’s…vodka, I think, in the drink?” Walt said to Jillian, eying the stuff in his cup and trying to figure it out by sniffing it.

I swear,” Jillian said. Those two always have to make things about them. Like, I get it. Break up if you’re not happy, or if your guy is a jerk, but to do it in front of everyone? Like.”

I wonder who spiked it,” Walt said. Jillian sat down next to him.

So you like Lucy, huh?”

What?” Walk replied.

Lucy took the drink from Walt’s hands and sniffed it. Rum,” she said, handing it back, and then walking away.

July 2, 2018