Morning Pages, July 28, 2018

Tich walked up to Walt. You know what time it is,” she said.

Walt looked at her. He heard the tempo slowing. He scoffed at first.

You always save one for me.” She said. It’s our tradition. Even since sixth grade.”

Walt thought back to their first dance. Mandated. Everybody pair up. It was luck. And they didn’t have to keep doing it. But some dances, he would ask her. Some dances, she would ask him. They never dated. They barely hung out. But every dance, they made sure to have one.

He followed her, and she put her arms around his shoulders and tied up her fingers behind his neck. His hands dropped to her waist.

I love your dress,” He said. You’re fantastic.”

Tich cocked her head a bit and took the compliment like a boss.

So you’re into Lucy, huh?” Tich asked.

You know,” He said, shifting his weight a little with every beat. I sometimes wish this school wasn’t just a pile of who likes who.”

What else is there?” Tich asked. Besides, you’re going to miss that in uni.”

I wouldn’t even know how to ask someone like that out,” he said.

The pace picked up slightly. They still mostly danced like they were still in middle school, but Tich couldn’t help but sway her hips a bit. There’s always that point in a slow song when it becomes faster, and nobody really knows what to do. They’d danced to this one before. It was a classic, from the early 90s. They knew it would slow down again, so they hung on.

Tess showed up out of nowhere and said I’m so drunk you guys.” Walt laughed like an idiot, and it was pretty awkward for a moment. But then he saved it. Fuck, me too,” he said. And they all woo’d like they were hanging out the top of a limo.

July 28, 2018