March 14, 2018

Morning Pages, March 14, 2018

You know my Aunt Erica? She lives in that house on greenwood? You met her a few times, doesn’t matter. She liked you a lot. Always approved of us as a thing. Always wanted me to live my best life. So supportive. She didn’t have kids of her own. Didn’t want them, you know? Some people just don’t want kids. Do you want kids? Doesn’t matter right now. That’s a stupid question to bring up right now. God. Ram, get back to it. Anyways, Erica died last month.”

I remember you telling me. You were really broken up about it.”

Still am,” Ram said. I loved her. Way more than my own parents. Christ, where even are they? Anyways, there was a meeting with her attorney and they read out her last will and everything, and I have a surprise for you.”

Ram presented a key.

Aunt Erica left me her house.”

Oh my god,” Fourth said.

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