Morning Pages March 21, 2018

Banks caught sight of Fourth just as House of Pain came on. She waved her over to where she was standing with Tess and Kate. The three girls fawned over Fourth’s dress. There were lots of hugs and woos.”

This moment, early on in the evening, would be Banks’ favourite. Her friends all around her, throwback rock and hip hop playing, she was able to forget what she’d been trying to avoid. She elevated her mind and body to the kind of blissful plateau the low budget high school dance was strangely capable of providing. Every new song kept them higher. Fifteen minutes went by in an instant, but it was a fifteen minutes she’d hold in high regard as one of the brief great happy moments of her life.

I need a smoke,” Tess said, and the whole group agreed. They made their way towards the exit door, which had been propped open by a small brick. The chaperones were supposed to keep this door closed, but it was already stifling in the gym and the fresh air mitigated. Every time a student came and went, a waft of fresh May air gave the room some life. I’m half an hour, the door would be opened fully, and no attempt was made to stop anyone from coming or going.

March 21, 2018