Morning Pages March 31, 2018

I loved the smoker’s pit. It was far and away my favorite spot on the entire school grounds. I made all my friends here. Every major connection I had with people I loved began here. Located just outside and around the corner from the outside cafeteria exit, the smoker’s pit was actually a pit. The land sloped down towards this tree. Picture a small baseball diamond, except it all goes downhill and the tree is home. Fourth called it Deku after some Zelda thing. You could duck at certain spots and nobody looking out from the cement around the school could see you.

I wasn’t in school to excel. I wasn’t an athlete. I wasn’t an academic. I wasn’t much of anything. But I could smoke, and I could crack jokes. That’s pretty much all I wanted to do, and thankfully I wasn’t alone with that goal.

It was normal for everyone to go outside every now and then at these dances, even the people who didn’t smoke. Fresh air was a necessary respite from the fog machine and orange drink sweat. I’d been waiting to see Banks move out so I could talk to her away from it all. She’d gone out with all her girlfriends, but that was fine. I’d just interrupt everything.

March 31, 2018