Morning Pages, October 25, 2018

The back streetcar door stayed open. Fourth and I were closer to the front and the thing was packed, so we couldn’t see exactly what the idiot looked like who didn’t know about the back step. But enough people were yelling at him that he’d figure it out, or someone would shove him out. There probably wasn’t any room for the person to stand, so they’d have to do that thing where they put one foot just underneath the seat to the door’s right, and the other on the lower railing. They’d have to do that every time the streetcar came to a stop, and it would be uncomfortable and strange and nobody should have to do it. But everyone has,and this person would have to. Unless they wanted to wait another ten minutes for the next one, but who knows when that one would actually come.

I think he’swearing headphones,” Fourth said. I shook my head. Someone was actually going to have to touch this guy or we’d be here forever.

October 25, 2018