Morning Pages, September 29, 2018

What are you playing?”

This wasn’t a serious question, Fourth thought. It couldn’t be. Nobody asks you this.

Game…boy?” She said, her guard up.

I know that,” the girl said. I mean what game.”

Final…Fantasy VI.”

Wow, there’s six of those?”

Fourth paused. This woman had no idea what Final Fantasy was.

She said Yeah, I’m really into it so…” Her gaze went back to the tilted screen above her hands.

Can I ask you something?” the girl asked.

Fourth took a breath. She closed the clamshell and put the little blue square in her purse.

Have you read the bible?”

Nope,” she said.

You haven’t read it?”

This isn’t happening,” Fourth said. Am I being punk’d right now? No, I’m not yet famous enough for that. Am I being Just For Laughs Gagged right now?”

I’m from the church of…”

Fourth wanted to say No you’re not. You’re here to fuck me. I have a job interview in less than an hour, this a bus is going slower than it should be, and you’re here to fuck me. You were sent here by my enemies to make sure I fail. Who sent you? Who do you work for?”

But instead she said Tell me more about your new god.”

September 29, 2018