My Favourite Quotes: Drive Your Plough Over the Bones of the Dead

These might not be in order. And because I read on a Kobo, I have no idea what pages” they’re from. But I loved this book and highlighted many passages.

  • The result is a neat stack of golden proportions
  • Set the wheels in motion. Punish the culprits. Change the law.
  • The most precious memories will dissipate. Everything will sink into darkness and vanish. I noticed a pregnant girl sitting on a beach, reading a newspaper, and suddenly it occurred to me what a blessing it is to be ignorant. How could one possibly know all this and not miscarry?
  • I don’t share your trust in the authorities.
  • I find this division of people into three groups — skiers, allergy sufferers and drivers — very convincing. It is a good, straightforward typology. Skiers are hedonists. They are carried down the slopes. Whereas drivers prefer to take their fate in their hands, although their spines often suffer as a result; we all know life is hard. Whereas the allergy sufferers are always at war. I must surely be an allergy sufferer
  • In any case, I know the date of my own death, and that lets me feel free.
  • Try to keep your theory to yourself. It’s highly improbable and it could do you harm,’ said Oddball,”
  • Dizzy was adamant that it must have been Murder. Every instinct is telling me. We were the first on the scene. Do you remember the sense of crime that was hanging in the air?’
  • He accepted the near full tumbler of vodka proffered by the Dentist and downed it in one. I was sure he wouldn’t feel any pain after that much anaesthetic.”
  • Later that day I thought about his drawer again, about how peeping into it brought me total calm, and how I would really like to be one of those useful Utensils.
  • I blinked. I had never heard one woman referring to another as my wife’ before. But I liked it.”
  • I’m going home. I’ve run out of strength.

April 10, 2020