My Gear: Spring 2013

It’s March, 2013. Here’s what I use to get stuff done.

Computer: Acer S7

Since November 2012

I purchased the S7 last November, switching to Windows 8 after 7 straight years of Mac use. I was ready to try something new, and the S7 is the perfect mix of lightweight portability, touch-friendliness, and horsepower. It never seems to choke on CS6, and it multitasks like a much bigger PC. It’s also barely 2 pounds, with the thickness of a AA battery. Windows 8 took some getting used to and the trackpad is garbage, but the multitouch screen makes the OS fly. The incredibly thin keyboard is my favourite keyboard out of all the keyboards.

Phone: iPhone 5

Since October 2012

Other phones do certain things better. Other phones may last longer, look nicer, and impress more. The iPhone is a functional phone in almost every way, and it’s the only dependable phone I’ve ever owned (this includes previous iPhones). I can’t help but take for granted some of its more rote features, but they are amazing. Much like other longtime smartphone owners, I probably use Apple’s dedicated apps the least. I’ve carved out a homescreen of personalized and well-chosen apps that help me in immeasurable ways. 

Mp3 Player: Zune HD

Since March 2010

Every now and then, I’ll put the Zune HD in a drawer. I’ll try to use the iPhone, or a shuffle or something else as my mp3 player. Within two weeks I’m charging it up again. I covered all the reasons I loved this little thing back in a review I wrote in 2011, and everything I said then is still true. Even though the Zune service shut off in autumn 2012, you can still download songs in the Zune marketplace with your Xbox Music Pass, so really, nothing has changed. 

Pen: Caran d’Ache Pen x Monocle

Since Februrary 2013

I’m left handed and a poor penman. It’s a chore and I always, always prefer typing. That is, until I picked up this pen from the Toronto Monocle store (I also picked up one of these calendars and truck it everywhere now). Now, I’m finding excuses to use it. This pen feels exactly like a no. 2 pencil, and it glides like silk. 

Mouse: Microsoft Arc Touch

Since August 2012

My desk at home is made of glass. This mouse works on it. The little scroll pad is decent, and the buttons are fine. There’s not much else here to write home about, other than how it can flatten down and look like a slug. ​


March 13, 2013