New Mouse, New Keyboard

I’ve been working from home, and my 2008 Apple keyboard and 2011 Microsoft wireless mouse finally felt like they needed to be retired.


I bought the Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Mac and Windows. Overall, I like it a lot, but it took a while to get used to.

I opted for the red switches, which is the You Chose Poorly of Keychron switches it seems. Brown seems the most popular, and Blue seems to take silver. Red is, I will admit, floaty. The keys hit really easily, much easier than any keyboard I’ve used before. You do get into a groove after a while, but for the first week I made so many typos. It’s all part of getting used to a new keyboard and a new style.

Using KeyTweak, I remapped the left alt and ctrl keys. I’m a PC user, but I’ve always preferred the Mac cmd-style for cut copy paste. It’s just easier on your wrist, and the Keychron rewards that. The left ctrl key as placed is almost too far away from the X, C, and V keys. One keyboard shortcut I use more than maybe any other, though, is ctrl-w. It closes tabs in every app and I hit it all day long. Now it doesn’t hurt.

Finger Numbing

After two weeks, I noticed a little numbing in the pads of my index finger and thumb. Because of the quarantine, I thought maybe I’d just been gaming too much. But this didn’t actually feel like a video game injury. After a while, I realized it was this new keyboard that was causing it. [After looking into it, I realized I had been pressing the keys too hard. Because it’s a mechanical keyboard, I figured I had to treat it more like a typewriter. But really, red switches want you to type much gentler. Once I adopted to this lighter touch, the tingling went away, my typing speed improved, and my errors went down.

New Mouse

I bought the Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Computer Wireless Mouse.

It doesn’t work on glass nearly as well as Microsoft’s mice. I don’t know what dark evil magic Microsoft uses, but their mice work on every surface (pun very much intended). They work on loose vegetables. They work in space. I owned a mouse pad, but now I’m using the mouse pad.

There’s an unsettling creak when you hit that wheel button. It releases the wheel so it’ll scroll without ticks, but it feels like the mouse is about to come apart in my hands. But I prefer the wheel scrool smooth. That is an advantage over Microsoft mice.

After a Windows restart, the Logitech app doesn’t appear to be working. I’ve customized some buttons, and none of these changes seem to be working. After two more restarts, it went back to working. This feels like just a windows bug.

It’s a perfectly good mouse, but I don’t know if if I wouldn’t go back to shopping for a new type if needed.

June 6, 2020